About La Forketta

La Forketta's reputation has been forged together with the wood fired baked sourdough pizza and organic fresh pasta, both carefully prepared daily to maintain the freshness our food is known by.

We carefully recreate preceding generations' traditional recipes. We are proud to say that this requires hard work, just as it did back in the day. Far from daunting La Forketta, which has been adapting Italian heritage recipes to modern dining trends for several years, it has encouraged all of us to continue in the path of tradition and improvement. Our specialty consists of dishes where the simplicity of the handmade preparation dwells with the delicacy and intensity of the flavor. Judging by the flurry activity at our balmy Dempsey Hill dinning room, we know our diners choose us because they can taste the difference that a crafted dish is able to make.

As we know the atmosphere is as important as the dishes themselves, we made sure to pay it the proper attention. The result was floor to ceiling windows wrapping with the cathedral height space, providing it light as organic as our ingredients and greenery from the Dempsey surroundings. Our pizzas mature in a mammoth wood-fired oven and our pasta is boiled in a surrounding open kitchen. The architectural infrastructure speaks for itself, proclaiming to be the pasta and pizza restaurants' fortress. To add to the industrial feel, on trend black iron railings outline the windows and ceiling, while the freshly-cut wood blocks neatly stacked for offering our customers the best experience regarding baked pizza give a cozy contrast to the industrial style. A looser vibe awaits you in our outdoor veranda full of raw wood tables that shape the rusticity of the area and get ready to embrace the dish of your dreams.

Our pasta dishes are freshly cooked every day following the perfectionist a la minute technique. A unique blend of kamut wheat semolina gives structure and firmness our exclusive pasta. The exclusive selection of pizzas baked in the wood-fired oven is bathed with fresh and creamy authentic Italian mozzarella.

The traditional genuine wood-fired baked sourdough pizza and fresh homemade organic pasta form part of the history of La Forketta. In order to complete this perfect frame of Italian cuisine, we also serve the highest quality meat, fish, seafood and vegetable brought directly from Italy. Our mission is bringing Italy to Asia, not only recreating it with local products.

Authentic Italian restaurant established in 1993

Homemade organic pasta

We use our own hands to make our pasta or sculpt it with bronze dies. The secret of its texture and flavor is the non-genetically modified wheat semolina flour, a legacy from authentic Italian recipes.

Wood-fired sourdough pizza

La Forketta | Top Italian Restaurant in Singapore | Authentic Homemade Italian Cuisine 

Certified organic, non-GMO and unbleached flours from Italy along with our very own natural yeast 'created' in our own kitchen are the secrets of such an irresistible dish. As you wait enjoying the drink of your preference, your pizza, focaccia and bread slowly grow to the fire of a wood burning oven to become an exceptional masterpiece of the Italian cuisine.

We know how to make the simple simply outstanding.

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